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Nissan qashqai 58 plate review

I am looking for a 4x4 to replace our 8 year old Honda SUV and am considering the Nissan Qashqai and the BMW X3. Safety is important (especially not skidding in snow and ice) and I want to feel comfortable. I have never driven either and I'm a bit worried that the Nissan Qashqai will feel like I'm driving in a tin can. Will it? Getting good quality features for the money is also important to me - heated seats, good sat nav and a well-placed coffee holders would be ideal. All opinions and advice gratefully received

Have never driven a BMW but we have a Qashqai +2 and bloody love it. We've got the built in sat nav and heated seats and the 4x4 mode works well in snow. The acceleration doesn't always kick in as fast as you'd like but it's a minor niggle tbh. It's DH's car atm but I'm getting it when he changes his car in April - can't wait! He chose to have the cheaper Nissan and pay for the bells and whistles rather than get the more expensive brand and a more basic model. Right choice for us!