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Nissan qashqai 360 soundtrack

Nissan Connect - with its user-friendly touch-screen - is your fully integrated satellite navigation system with Bluetooth®, USB and iPod/iPhone connectivity all in one easy to use interface.

Images shown are for guidance purposes. In some instances photos are of non UK specification vehicles and do not represent a specific model, grade or offer.

Want to get there quickly? Simply type in your postcode or target address just about wherever you wish in Europe, select using the touch screen then let the clean, clear colour 3D map show you the way (and avoid the traffic).

CLEAR OPTIONS The stand-by menu screen clearly and simply presents you with your direction options. TOUCH SCREEN Know the address of where you want to go? Then just use the touch screen to select your choice. FAST INFO The address screen instantly appears, including the country selector (for when you’re feeling adventurous). PREDICITVE TEXT Type in the street name and the predictive text choices will appear to speed things along. QUICK SEARCH Scroll down the list until you find the right street address. Touch the one you want. FAST ROUTE CALCULATION Once you’ve entered your address, the computer will calculate the shortest, fastest or most economical route to get you there. CLEAR 3D COLOUR MAP The clear 3D colour map, together with clear arrow direction and optional voice guidance, will show you the way. There’s a distance countdown too, and traffic warnings to keep you on the move.

Want to go somewhere new? See something different? How about another country? With the Nissan Connect GPS you can do just that. Go on. Get packing.

CLEAR OPTIONS The stand-by screen clearly and simply presents you with your direction options. CHOOSE 'POINT OF INTEREST' OPTION Where do you want to go today? Somewhere you know, or somewhere you don’t? Home or abroad? CHOOSE TYPE OF PLACE Doesn’t a Point of Interest sound interesting? We think it does. so let’s see where that leads. SEE ONE NEAR YOU What do you fancy? What do want to see and experience today? Scroll through the all the choices and decide. FAST ROUTE CALCULATION Once you’ve selected your Point of Interest, the computer will calculate the shortest, fastest, most economical route to get you there. And we can miss those traffic jams, too… NOW GET GOING Your route and distance to your selection is now clearly displayed on the clear, colour aerial view map. (Don’t forget to send us a postcard.)

Play your music via Bluetooth wherever you go. Select radio or CD. Or connect your iPod® to Nissan Connect, pick your favourite tunes and make your own soundtrack for the journey. iPod® is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.

BROWSE YOUR MUSIC The iPod® browsing screen on Nissan Connect makes it just as familiar and easy to use as the player itself. SELECT THE ALBUM Select the album you want to listen to on the touchscreen. PICK THE TRACK Pick the track you want (you may need to get the window down for the next bit). TIME TO PLAY Then sit back, press play, nod wildly and sing out loud.

Nissan Connect lets you play your music the way you want to play it. Just plug your USB key in, select your songs and you’re off. You can also use your USB key to upload new Points of Interest for your Nissan Connect GPS.

CONNECT YOUR USB DEVICE Plug in your USB stick, and the display menu will show the successful connection. BROWSE CONTENT Browse through your uploaded tracks (you can control everything via the steering wheel). SELECT AND PLAY That’s the hard work done. Now just Select and start smiling.

Now you can use your mobile via Nissan Connect’s Bluetooth connectivity*. And it’s all controlled through the multi-functional steering wheel. You can even play the music you have on. * if your phone is compatible with Nissan Connect

PAIR YOUR DEVICE On the Bluetooth options screen you can choose to pair a device, select or delete one and switch the Bluetooth on or off. EASY DIRECTIONS After choosing ‘Pairing’, the simple instructions will walk you through the next steps. CONNECT UP You’ll be informed you’ve successfully connected… SEE DEVICE SELECTION. and see the paired device selection.

Connect your phone to Nissan Connect and keep in touch with everyone on the move. Everything is controlled via the steering wheel and, as the calls are routed through the speakers, they sound much better, too.

AUTO PHONE DETECTION Connect your mobile and choose your options from the easy-to-use colour screen. YOUR CONTACT LIST All your contacts are now presented to you clearly and alphabetically, just as they appear on your mobile. QUICK SEARCH To get connected even quicker, you can type and search for a specific name and number. CLEAR CALLS You can clearly see when you’re calling… INCOMING ALERT. and when someone’s calling you its even safer to answer using the touch screen or steering wheel controls. DIAL AS USUAL And if you don’t have the number stored already, you can simply use the numbers to call as you normally would. ALL CALL INFO Finally, all calls made, received and missed can be instantly displayed.