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There was no sign of any danger, says gran who drove on to tram tracks

“It was an awful experience, my tyre had burst and I didn’t know what to do but no-one was helping me and everyone was laughing and jeering at me.

“It was like a Roman arena with people shouting and screaming. If I was their mother I’d have been ashamed.

“It made me cross that Metrolink said the correct signage is in place because I couldn’t see it. My worry is that it will happen again or that someone coming out of the pub across the road could walk up there and get more seriously hurt.”

Hundreds of passengers were forced to get off the tram and walk the rest of the way to the Etihad Stadium concert after the car was spotted on the line at 7.40pm on Saturday.

But Metrolink bosses refuted Mrs Smith’s claims that signs at the junction are not clear enough – and say they have not been an issue for ‘the vast majority of motorists’.

The car, which was abandoned on the rails (Photo: Steve Dunville)

Peter Cushing, TfGM’s Metrolink director, said: “The clear signage we’ve put in place near tram tracks to advise motorists is based on sound, industry-standard principles and best practice – and has been agreed with Manchester council.

“We understand that changes to the road layout can be confusing and appreciate that the changes will involve a period of adjustment and familiarisation for drivers.

“Considering how many cars pass through the area on any given day, we do not believe it is an issue for the vast majority of motorists.”

The track runs along the main road before bearing left away from the main carriageway. Circular blue signs reading ‘tram only’ are in place at either side of the entrance to the tram line at the busy junction – which links Ashton New Road with Every Street and Beswick Street.