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Leasing nissan qashqai suisse

Our two Qashqais have been fine, no problems apart from needing one set of new shock absorbers on the first one.

Fewer reports, but the C Max doesn't seem to come out any better.

I think reading reviews helps, but you need to try the models out for yourself before making any decisions. Like everything else who likes what car is a very personal thing.

Don't understand the comment about not having a 6th gear - our 2ltr petrol and 1.6 diesel Teknas have them as standard.

At the moment new cars look much better value than used ones - most manufacturers have 'Euro Rabatt' deals, discount leasing, 0% financing, free servicing and various other incentives.

The 'new cars lose a fortune when you drive them off the forecourt' is a myth in a lot of cases too. Yes, they lose a load if you pay full list price, but if you get a good deal when you buy they often work out cheaper than a used one, particularly if you need financing of some sort.

In terms of the car itself the C-Max is a very good choice for something of that type. I think I'd go for a Citroen C4 Picasso if the new one was in budget but the Ford is a decent option, and preferable to most of the others.