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Car boot liners for nissan qashqai

Protect the appearance and value of your car with Titan Custom Boot Liners.

The essential product for any dog owner, golfer, gardener, fisherman, horse owner or tradesman, our waterproof boot liners are extra tough, manufactured in the UK using the highest quality pvc coated fabric, ensuring maximum protection all round. The attractive, textured surface is impervious to dust, grit and dog hairs and also resistant to grease and oil.

Each boot liner is tailor made to fit the shape of your specific vehicle. This ensures an excellent fit enabling you to make best use of your precious boot space and avoiding dirt and dog hairs settling behind the liner.

An optional Bumper Flap is available to protect your car when dogs jump in and out or when loading and unloading.

Select the Split Seat option to enable you to fold just part of the back seat down with the liner in place. Ideal for long loads.

All Titan Boot Liners are designed to allow the rear seats to be folded down by simply unclipping the headrest straps.

When your rear seats are folded down, full length floor and back of front seat protection can be provided by choosing the Boot Liner Extender. Please note that if you also have our Front Seat Covers, the Extender will not attach properly and you should choose the Headrest Protector option as this also doubles as a floor extender.

Save the top of your back seat and rear headrests from drooling dogs by adding a Headrest Protector to your boot liner. This detachable option can also be used as a floor cover extender when using your liner with back seats folded.

To care for your liner, simply wipe clean, hose down or machine wash at 30 degrees (no fabric conditioner).

We have hundreds of templates for different vehicles but if you can't find yours listed in the drop-down menu, please contact us as it is likely we will still be able to help.

Further information on fitting, etc can be found in our FAQ section.

Please note the pictures shown are generic images - each liner is different, depending on your vehicle.

The perfect compliment to our custom boot liners, the Titan Dog Mat is made from high quality dense vet bed with a durable backing.

The mat is cut to shape for the floor area of your car and the edges bound for a neat finish.

Comfortable and easily machine washable, your dog will thank you for getting one of these!

To order, simply select from the options when ordering your boot liner.

Not much to say really other than it fits, is pretty easy to fit, seems durable and well made. This is fitted with a dog guard and centre panel to keep dogs apart. The only thing you need to be aware of is allowing enough time to remove everything should you need use the very back seats, or use the boot with the seats folded downboot liner extender is a must.

Well designed and easy to fit. Velcro sticks well and material seems to be hard wearing and easy to clean. Dogs are very happy with the vet bed as well.