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Can bus alarm nissan qashqai

TEC Electronics has released unique module ComfortControl-Mazda. designed specifically for the Mazda 6 (2013 model year) and the Mazda CX-5, which are not equipped with "Comfort" function.

Following options will be available after installation of ComfortControl-Mazda:
- car windows will close automatically when arming;
- automatic folding/unfolding mirrors when arming/disarming;
- the ability to control the car's central locking.

Advantages of ComfortControl-Mazda:
- easy connection through special harness (included);
- ComfortControl-Mazda receives all commands from the salon through regular wiring;
- reduces the time and costs for installation of the device.

Our qualified specialists are ready to take on all advisory and technical details, so you can concentrate on the essentials - on your personal comfort.

TEC Electronics has released update v6.4.184 for AutoCAN, CANTEC and TEC car security systems.

∙ Support added for KIA Sportage (2016--) and Kia Optima (2016--);

∙ Function "Comfort" implemented for Audi A4 (2016--), (car windows will be closed automatically when you turn alarm to security mode);

∙ Ability to control factory heater on Ford Tourneo Custom implemented for TEC-8xx systems;

∙ Function simulating the opening of the driver's door added for the Audi Q3;

∙ Feature "Engine blocking via CAN-bus" implemented for Audi Q7 (2016--) with a diesel engine and Audi Q3 (2014--) with petrol engine 2.0 TFSI.

TEC Electronics has released update v.6.4.181 for AutoCAN, CANTEC and TEC car security systems (PRIZRAK).

- For Audi Q7 (2016--) we added function "Comfort" (when you turn alarm to security mode - car windows will be closed automatically);

- Lexus RX200t was successfully tested – we will add it in Integrator very soon;

- For TEC-8xx systems we implemented the ability to control the factory function of automatically starting the engine for Cadillac Escalade (2007-2014) and Cadillac SRX (2003-2010).

  • RANGE ROVER (2016--)
  • Haval H2
  • Haval H8
  • Haval H9
  • Mercedes-Benz 253 (GLC-class)
  • Range Rover Sport (2016--)
  • Skoda Superb (2015--)
  • Ford Focus 3 (2015--)

CAN-bus lock is now available for 205 (C-class), 222 (S-class), 253 (GLC-class) in all TEC systems and for Mazda CX-5 with TEC-8xx.

In Dodge Ram 1500 steering wheel buttons are now supported.

TEC Electronics has released version 4.24 update for FanControl U-2 and version 4.4 update for FanControl GSM

For both products following vehicles are now supported:

  • Volkswagen Multivan T6 (factory and aftermarket heaters) now supported
  • Audi Q7 (factory and aftermarket heaters)
  • In Mercedes-Benz W205 and Mercedes-Benz W222 LIN functionality now is carried via CAN
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE 292 (2015--) was tested
  • Geolocation via GSM network was added.
  • Support for following Lexus vehicles: CT 200h (2011-2013), ES 250 (2013--), GS 350 (2012--), GX 460 (2010--), IS 250 (2005-2012), IS 250 (2013--), LS 460 (2006--), LX 570 (2007--), NX 200 (2014--), NX 300h (2014--), RX 270 (2010--), RX 350 (2009--), RX 450h (2009--)
  • Support for following Toyota vehicles: Auris (2007--), Avensis (2009--), Camry (2006-2011, 2012--), Corolla (2006-2013, 2014--), Highlander (2011-2013, 2014--), Hilux (2006-2009), Land Cruiser 200 (2007--), Land Cruiser Prado (2003-2009, 2010--), RAV 4 (2006-2012, 2013--), Sequoia (2007--), Venza (2013--),Verso (2012--), Yaris (2009--)
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE-class (292)
  • Volkswagen Multivan T6
  • Acura RDX (2007-2012).
  • Mitsubishi L200 (2015--).

And Prizrak\TEC-8xx now can control factory heater in the following vehicles:

  • Mercedes-Benz 292 GLE
  • Volkswagen Multivan T6 (with factory installed heater timer)
  • Audi Q7 (2015--).
  • Support for Jaguar XE(2015--), Skoda Rapid(2016--), Fiat Freemont and Subaru Outback
  • Support for second CAN bus in Mercedes-Benz S-class (W222). This gives an option to enter PIN-code with steering wheel buttons.
  • Option to turn on ventilation system via voice menu, on schedule or by timer. This option is available in Audi A5, VW Touareg(2 nd generation), BMW 3-series (F30), BMW X5(F15) and BMW X6(F16)*
  • Option to turn on dashboard camera for 5 minutes via voice menu*
  • Maintenance mode feature was upgraded. Now you can turn on maintenance mode via voice menu by entering PUK-code (which can be found under the protective layer of the plastic card)*
  • New setting for turbotimer mode was added. In addition to “smart” mode which took engine parameters and made a decision to launch turbotimer, forced mode is now available. It will always turn on turbotimer for preset period of time.
  • Remote start via CAN bus for Jeep Grand Cherokee (2014) and Fiat Freemont
  • Volvo XC90 (2015--) now supported
  • Kia Sorento Prime now supported
  • For GSM-security system Prizrak/TEC-8xx series factory heater remote launch in Audi A5 was tested
  • Suzuki SX4 (2014--) without keyless entry system was tested with security systems Prizrak/TEC 7xx and 8xx series

Changes for GSM-security system Prizrak 8xx series:

  • If the alarm is armed with an open compartment or door, shock and tilt/movement sensors will activate in 5 minutes or when compartment will be closed (whichever comes first)
  • In maintenance mode LED will be deactivated
  • Audi Q7 (2016--) now supported
  • Luxgen 7 SUV now supported
  • Lexus NX200 was tested

New features for GSM-security system Prizrak 8xx series:

Option “Keyless immobilizer bypass unit protocol” was added.

It allows force selection of Fortin or iDatalink protocol.

  • Nissan Tiida\Pulsar (2015--) now supported
  • For Jeep Grand Cherokee (2014--) CAN2 connection was added.

New features for GSM-security systems TEC\Prizrak 8xx series:

- “Beach mode” (All systems except TEC\Prizrak 800). Allows user to lock\unlock vehicle with special code entered via set button (for example trunk handle, or keyless system button), and leave everything inside of the vehicle.

- Feature “Input to look for RFID tag” (works together with “Factory remote door lock control”, allows to look for RFID tag after pressing any button (for example keyless access button))

Perimeter control pause. Allows to disable factory alarm while testing. Required in some vehicles to implement remote start.

TEC Electronics has released version 4.19 update for FanControl U-2

  • Porsche Panamera now supported
  • VW Amarok (without factory heater) now supported
  • For Porsche Cayenne (2011--) module now can be connected “in parallel” to launch factory heater or preheater

P.S. 4.17 and 4.18 were internal releases, so we went straight from 4.16 to 4.19.

  • TEC/Prizrak 500 series, 800 series and CAN units now support Land Rover Discovery 3
  • BMW 3 series Gran Turismo (F34) was tested
  • BMW 4 series Gran Coupe (F32) was tested
  • GSM-system TEC/Prizrak 800 series now is able to start factory preheater and heater in Porsche Cayenne (2011--) and Porsche Panamera
  • Following 2015 model year vehicles were tested with CAN engine lock: Toyota Corolla, Highlander; Lexus IS 250, GS 350, ES 250, RX 270, GX 460

For slave-security systems TEC/Prizrak-720/730/740:

  • Engine lock via CAN now supported
  • Time to activate “Second circuit of protection” was extended to 20 seconds

For immobilizers TEC/Prizrak 500 series programmable input function “Driver’s door state” was added

You can check installation manuals and lists of supported features for all vehicles supported by TEC at www.tec-integrator.com

  • Support for following vehicles was added: Mitsubishi Outlander (2015--), Jaguar XF(2014), Acura TLX, Hyundai Solaris (“Elegance” and “Comfort” trims), Mercedes Benz S-class Coupe 217

For Prizrak-8xx series following changes were made:

  • For “Engine run time in “keep running” mode” following options were added - 1, 2, 3 minutes
  • For “Engine start delay after preheating” following options were added - 3 minutes
  • User reach out mode by default was changed from “Equal” to “Sequential”
  • Ford Mondeo (2015 --) now supported
  • Toyota Hilux (2006-2011) now supported by Prizrak 5xx, 8xx and CAN units
  • Infiniti Q50 was tested
  • Datsun mi-DO was tested (Prizrak 5xx and CAN units)
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series feature to remotely start factory installed heater was added for: Volvo XC90 and Mercedes-Benz G-class 463 (2013-)
  • For Infiniti QX60 CAN engine lock was tested

For GSM security system PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:

  • Engine can be turned off in “Hands Free” mode (while remote start is on)
  • Programmable output feature “Output for dashcam activation” was added. On this output signal is constantly formed when the ignition is on or for 5 minutes if was sensor was triggered or output was turned on by phone.
  • Programmable input “Factory security system alert”

- Smart ForTwo is now supported by Prizrak-500 series, 800 series and by CAN modules

- For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series feature to remotely start factory installed heater was added for: Ford Kuga (2013--), Land Rover Discovery Sport

  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2013--), Peugeot 308 (2015--), Kia Rio (Luxe trim, 2014--) are now supported.
  • Infinity QX50 was tested.
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series feature to remotely start factory heater was added for: Skoda Octavia 3 (A7), Range Rover Evoque (2014--), Mercedes-Benz Viano 639 (2010-2014).
  • New algorithm to control steering wheel buttons. Attention! When detecting buttons, it is recommended to press all buttons on the steering wheel, this will increase quality of detection.
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series there is now an option to start the engine and the heater via factory remote. To start or stop, press button “Close” of the remote 3 times.
  • For GSM security system Prizrak 800 series and slave security system Prizrak 700 series feature “Delay the alert if perimeter was breached” was added.
  • In Infinity QX80, Nissan Sentra hazard lights can now be controlled via CAN.
  • Outside temperature is now available in Volvo XC60 (2014--) and Nissan Pathfinder (2015--).
  • For Prizrak 800 series and 500 series option to lock the engine via CAN bus was added. At this moment it is available for some Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota vehicles with gasoline engines. List of supported manufactures and models will expanded soon.
  • GSM security system Prizrak 800 series can now control iDataLink units via protocol.
  • Impulse algorithm to control heater via digital output was added.
  • For Prizrak 800 series and 500 series time to activate “Second circuit of protection” was increased to 20 seconds.
  • For Audi Q5 (2015--) windows can be closed automatically (“Comfort” feature), fuel level is now available.

TEC Electronics has released version 4.16 update for FanControl U-2 .

  • Following vehicles are now supported:Land Rover Evoque (2011-2013), Evoque (2014--), Freelander 2 (2013--); Mercedes-Benz Viano 639 (2010-2014).
  • Cadillac SRX(2014--) now supported
  • Audi TT(2015--) was tested
  • Fuel level monitoring now supported for Range Rover Discovery 4, Evoque (2011-2013) and Vogue (2010-2013)
  • Following buttons now supported for Nissan Juke, Murano, Tiida, Pathfinder(2004-2014), Pathfinder (2015--), Patrol, Teana (2008-2013): “Rear window defroster” and “Recirculation". “Rear window defroster” is now a default programming button on all these vehicles except Nissan Patrol
  • Now, after system interfacing, Nissan X-Trail(2015--) and Nissan Qashqai(2014--) will be detected as group 49, subgroup 1
  • BMW X6 F16 was tested
  • Nissan X-Train (2015--) was tested
  • GSM security systems PRIZRAK 800 series, PRIZRAK 500 series and CAN units now support Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 (2003-2009)

For GSM security system PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:

  • Support for factory heater launch in Volkswagen Golf 7; Land Rover Freelander 2 (2012--), Range Rover Evoque (2011-2013)

For security system PRIZRAK 700 series following features were added:

  • Compatibility with third party remote start units – programmable input function “Temporary disable the alarm to launch the engine via remote start”

TEC Electronics has released version 4.15 update for FanControl U-2 .

In this version support for Mercedes Benz models 211, 219, 164 (ML,GL), 251, 463, 203, 639, 169 was added.

New additions to the compatibility list (versions .145 -.146 combined):

  • Support for Cadillac Escalade (2015--)
  • Support for Hyundai Genesis (2015--)
  • Support for Nissan Centra
  • Toyota Sequoia (2008--) was tested
  • Infinity QX70 was tested
  • For immobilizers Prizrak 500 series and CAN modules support for Lada Priora (2013--), Lada Granta (Norma+ and Lux trims) and Datsun on-DO was added.

And for GSM security system PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:

  • Stock heater is now supported on following vehicles: Range Rover Vogue (2014--), Volvo XC 70 (2012--), BMW X4, BMW X5 (F15)
  • iDataLink support for Mazda CX5
  • Support for proprietary Fortin bus was added. It has to be connected to 4pin connector (additional sensors). Additional sensors now can be connected to programmable inputs of the system.
  • Systems that support Fortin bus are marked with letter “Ф”

TEC Electronics has released version 4.13 update for FanControl U-2.

  • Support for stock heater on BMW X4
  • Volvo XC60 (2011+, stock heater) now supported.
  • Fixed bug that was present on MB 222 with firmware 4.12.

FW can be downloaded. and installation manual for Volvo here .

  • Infinity Q50s
  • Nissan Pathfinder (2015--)
  • Infinity QX 60
  • Subaru WRX(2015--)

And for GSM security system PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:

  • Stock heater can be launched remotely on Audi Q5.
  • On vehicles with start\stop button remote start can be activated without additional modules (ESM 250)*
  • iDataLink remote start module now supported*
  • Programmable inputs now support following features – “Input to turn on the heater” and “Input for door switch”
  • Tilt sensor now switched off by default(can be enabled in settings)

- Renault Master (2014--)
- Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (909 body)
- BMW X4 (F26) was successfully tested.

And for PRIZRAK 800 series following features were added:

  • “Engine is running” state while in auto start mode” for programmable inputs/outputs*

*Available only in countries where engine remote\auto start is permitted by law.

TEC Electronics has released version 4.10 update for FanControl U-2 .

Support for climate system mode selection upon turning on additional heater was added

Following parameters can be adjusted: fan speed, temperature, flow directions, and “AUTO” or windshield defrosting mode.

  • For VW Tiguan and VW Caddy support for stock heater was added (interior launch button required)
  • Following Mercedes Benz models were tested: 218(СLS-Class), 156 (GLA-Class), 176 (A-Class), BMW X4(F26), Audi A5

You can download new update here. and the installation manual for BMW here .

Manual for VW vehicles will be added in near future.