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Buy nissan qashqai ntec plus

Advantages nice design, cheap to run, smooth drive

Disadvantages parking sensors can be a bit sensitive at times

Value for Money Road Handling Comfort Features Fuel consumption Looks

I had been wanting to buy a new car for a while and in my head I knew roughly that I wanted a bigger car as up until now I've always just owned hatchbacks that were cheap to run but now I wanted to have a car I was more happy with. I had a few choices that I liked but all I knew was that I wanted a 4x4 and to be a bit higher up and also have a car that is cheap to run, tax free and a nice modern design. I managed to narrow it down to a few choices and in the end it was between a Ford Kuga or a Nissan Qashqai and for me in the end it was the Qashqai that won hands down based on overall reviews.

The Qashqai changed model design from 14 reg plates and up, the one before is a lot more rounded and less sporty looking than the current model which is more streamlined and sexy. I did a lot of research into Qashqai's before diving in and purchasing and I found out so much and felt I made my decision based on facts. I knew in the end that there were quite a few colours they had but I was shocked that to buy this car in white costs a lot more if you are buying it slightly used. In the end I settled for the grey metallic colour which looks beautiful and is so unique but it comes in red, blue, white, black, silver and a few others.

The car's design is very sleek there are different models you can range from, it starts at a Visia, then it goes up to an N-Tec Plus which is the top of the range and it has everything, I basically thought that if I was going to buy a decent car then I really wanted to do it right and make sure I got all of the mod cons that I needed. You can upgrade and go for the diamond cut wheels if you want to but as much as I love them, they added on so much more that I stuck to the standard and they look just as good.

Now, when it came to making my decision I read up on everything, the first thing I was impressed with on this car was that it's only a 1.5L which to me is amazing considering the size and to fill up the tank of Diesel, it costs me on average £50 and this lasts for ages which is fantastic, it's actually cheaper to run than my old hatchback. Another great thing is that my model is low emissions and so I don't pay tax on this vehicle which is a massive difference for me. The Qashqai is so well reviewed that the insurance isn't high on it either making it an affordable car to run.

Inside the car it is all black fabric and it has the Nissan branded car mats, the dashboard is very well designed, this is a modern car and it hasn't got a typical hand brake, it's a small lever and now that I've got this I couldn't go back, it saves so much space. The button and clutch turn the car on and it also has start/stop technology when you are at the lights, I also like this feature. The window wipers are automatic and you can turn the settings on this to match the water level. The car has orange lighting around the front when it's nighttime making it so easy to see everything.

I feel like I don't know where to begin, I love that much about this car. To adjust the seat when driving is very easy to do, it's a comfortable car to sit in as a driver or as a passenger, the seats go back quite far and there is plenty of legroom. There is a great storage space in between the front seats and also there is a drinks holder, there is also a pull down drinks holder for passengers in the back. The windows are all electric and on this edition I have the full sunroof glass which has an electronic button to slide the panel over if you want to cover the sunroof but I leave it open as it's nice and bright.

The car has parking sensors which can be a bit sensitive at times but all warnings are very clear and the bit I love the most, is the reverse camera, it's brilliant, it has guides over it so you can reverse with ease, I've always been good at reversing but sometimes it's nice to have this when there are trickier situations. There is also a sat nav on this particular model, I find this to be excellent, it's so easy having this inbuilt and it saves all previous destinations and programs in my home address, this way I don't have to type it in every time.

The phone function is perfect on this too, it's so easy to set up and pair a device and then it should automatically connect and I find the signal and volume all clear, you can adjust the volume from the steering wheel no problem. There are quite a few buttons on the steering wheel like the cruise control dials and volume etc, I find I use all of these a lot as they just make the driving experience so much more easy. There is a button which when clicked pulls in the mirrors, I always use this when parking just to avoid anyone hitting the mirrors.

The space inside this car is perfect, the fans ventilate it well and the boot space is so big, there is a panel in the boot which you can either lay flat to level off the boot or you can slot it upright to create two separate levels for putting shopping in, I find it so handy. This car also has the back seats which can flatten down if you need to transport anything big and need the space. I have no problems fitting all of my shopping in this boot, it's perfect. The windows on the passenger seats are tinted and I think this adds to the stylish look of the car, it also feels less intrusive.

The car feels really secure, it doesn't auto-lock but it can be locked easily from the buttons on the door and the car won't start if the key fob isn't within so many metres of the car which gives peace of mind. In terms of the driving experience on this car I love it, I think it's so smooth and picks up speed no problem. It has the feature where it tells you when to change gears and also when you are slightly edging out of a lane to make you straighten up. I find the car never feels like it's struggling it just moves with so much ease and long distance journeys are so comfortable in this.

The lights on this car are LED so they always go on right away when the car comes on but then you can adjust these when it's getting darker. I find the music system great on this car, there is a USB port where you can charge your phone and it will play music from your iTunes, the radio signal is great and you can access all digital radio stations too, the music is evenly balanced in the car and it can go quite loud if you put it up high. There are six gears on this car and also it comes under warranty with full RAC cover and servicing which is great.

I find the brakes all very firm on this car and quick to act, there is an anti-glare feature on the rearview mirror which stops bright lights from dazzling you as you drive. I could keep going on about the positives to this car, there are so many and for the price it is one of the more competitive cars on the road. I'd never pictured myself buying a Nissan until I saw this but there are so many Qashqai's on the road and there's a reason for that as they're so good to drive. They're not ridiculously over priced and yet they offer a lot of great features on their models.

I absolutely adore my Qashqai, I feel proud to drive it, it looks great and driving it is a pleasure. It is so smooth to change gears, so easy to park and it looks great in design too. The car is just a cut above the rest and I feel special, it's a nice high up car, it has everything in it I could ask of from a new car. It has made me rethink considering Nissan in the future again for a car it has impressed me that much and whenever I need to go into the Nissan garage I always find them to be so helpful and willing to go out of their way for you which is nice.

These cars start from about £15,000 and up to as much as £28,000 depending on the spec that you go for. The car measures at 4,377mm in length, 1,595mm in height, the width is 1,806mm and the wheelbase is 2,646mm.

The official Nissan website is http://www.nissan.co.uk