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Buy nissan qashqai new

The new car guarantee of the producer with full support in Belarus 3 years or 100.000 km.

The car available in Brest (Ya. Kupala St. 124-1)
SE complete set

Economic expense, simple and reliable car in service.

More detailed information on complete set and availability, specify at our phones managers.

  • steering booster
  • climate control
  • cruise control
  • washer of headlights
  • fog lamps
  • ABS (anti-blocking system)
  • EBD (system e / distributions of braking efforts)
  • ESP (system of maintenance of dynamic stability)
  • HAS (rise monitoring system uphill)
  • traction control system
  • pillow without-ti driver
  • pillow without-ti passenger
  • pillows without-ti side
  • on-board computer
  • rain sensor
  • heating of mirrors
  • heating of seats
  • central lock
  • e / sitting
  • elektr. window regulators
  • electric drive of mirrors