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Aux cable nissan qashqai

This thread is for those who want the factory look of a USB/AUX IN port in their Fronty. I have USB/AUX IN capabilities on my Pioneer head unit, alot of newer radios are coming with this option.

Additional Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters/Strippers
Soldering Iron and Solder
Electrical Tape
These Instructions.

Once you have gathered everything you need, first thing you will want to do is cut the factory connection off like so:

You will notice you will have these wires after you peel away the silver protective bare wire wrap:
Silver (Bare Wire)

The first 3 wires we want to use are Blue, Brown and Yellow. These are for use of the AUX stereo jack. Remove the Female 3.5mm jack you got from Radio Shack and unscrew it like so:

You will notice three prongs. One long center one, one short silver and one short copper/brass colored one.

You need to solder the following wires to the following prongs.

Blue - Ground - Long Silver Prong
Yellow - Left Speakers - Copper/Brass Prong
Brown - Right Speakers - Short Silver Prong

Next we have the wiring for the usb port. The Type A USB Female Connection end should look like this one it arrives.

You have the 2 plastic outside cover halves with the main center usb connection part.

This picture only shows 4 out of the 5 pins. For the 4 Pins shown the following wires need to be soldered to the following pins (Look carefully at the connector before soldering, as I accidently did mine backwards the first time):

Black - Ground - Pin 1
Green - Data - Pin 2
White - Data - Pin 3
Red - + 5 VDC - Pin 4

Attach the following wire to the last pin on the usb connector (Pin 5, Not shown)
Silver (Bare Wire)

Attach plastic 2 piece casing to USB connector (I put a few dabs of super glue between to keep them from coming off), Electric tape everything up.

Using the purchased 6ft USB and Stereo jack cable, plug them into your computer using the USB/AUX IN cable as a extension cable or patch cable if you will, and test for proper function before install.

Now which 12v socket you remove and put this in place of is up to you, I choose the one in my arm rest for easy conceal and tidiness of wires for my Ipod or hard drives etc.

I first removed my center console, I then flipped it over. Now you can see the wiring to the 12v socket. You can either choose to keep this in place in case you ever want to return it to stock, or any other reason, or you can remove it all together like I did. Removing it is pretty self explanatory. There is 2 bolts holding down some wire ties and the socket itself is snapped into place.

Pop in the new USB/AUX port, plug in one end of the 6ft 3.5mm stereo wire into the 3.5mm female port you soldered in, as well as the 6ft USB A to A to the USB port you also soldered in. Run the other end of the wires under the center console up to the radio and plug them in. Put everything back together and it should look like this:

So what you did was essentially create a longer wiring harness?

Yes and no. No because I converted the Factory Nissan end to the more mainstream USB and Stereo jack so now its universal with any USB device or any device that has a stereo jack output, yes because it is a longer harness in the end if you count the 6ft wires connected to it.

Roughly $70, Im sure the conversion could have been done cheaper by cutting the ends off of a unused USB and stereo jack wire, but I am picky about how I do my wiring. The most expensive part was the Nissan USB/AUX connection itself.

IS this for a facotyr head unit or only for an after market one. If it is for the stock unit, how does it attache to the stereo?

If you convert like I did to standard usb/aux ports, then aftermarket, now it is possible that this plug the way it comes without modification other than lengthening the harness will plug up to factory Nissan head units, it just depends if you have the compatible port on the back of the head unit. I went aftermarket so this is why I converted.

so you cut off the nissan connector end and wired on a usb end and stereo jack end. then connected them to 6 ft extensions, which then plugged into your pioneer USB and stereo jack inputs?

So like someone already said. longer wiring harness. right?

So this would work with any head unit that has a USB and stereo jack input. right?

No. Longer wiring harness would mean I cut and extended the harness and still ended up with the same end I started out with. If you mean cut converted and then extended yes.

Yes, exactly. As I stated at the beginning of the thread alot of head units out and coming out have usb/aux input capabilities which allows you to use the usb port to plug in Ipods, hard drives etc. The Aux port allows you to plug in anything with a aux out such as using pandora radio on a phone like my piece of crap palm pre.

Is it possible for me to chop and splice the end of my apple end and covert it to micro USB to plug my phone into?
Does anyone know how the factory ipod cable connects to the back of the stock rockford HU?