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Are all nissan qashqai 7 seaters

I'm looking at getting a Motability 7 seater to replace my Zafira 1.6 Life.

I was a bit unlucky as I was on the lower rate when my old Rover 200 blew it's head gasket and killed it's engine so I was desperate for a replacement car. I found a dealer near me who sold me a 54 reg Zafira Life for £3000 on HP (and given I'm on benefits I felt lucky to be accepted). Weeks after getting this car on very expensive finance I was awarded higher rate DLA. Timing! I've had this car about 20 months, it's starting to get problems and I'm struggling a bit now with the manual gearbox. I plan to hand this car back to the finance company as I've paid more than 50% of the contract.

I'm looking at a 7 seater as I have four children and we do frequently all go out together. My teens are getting tall and the smaller ones have car seats. I drive around 15,000 miles a year - a lot of which is a 20 mile trek into London along the M40 and my Zafira drinks petrol at an alarming rate. So I'm looking for a diesel auto.

I've looked at a few cars and in particular liked the idea of the Ford Grand C-Max 2.0 Powershift Zetec. Initially it seemed ideal as it's more car sized and really we only use 6 seats. But looking at one in Perrys, it seems really tiny inside with that very small middle seat and what look like very tiny rear seats in the back. I don't think my teens would fit in the back and I don't like having the young ones on their own in the very back row. The MPG on it seems very poor as well.

Way back, I bought a new Citroen Xsara Picasso (2.0 HDi Exclusive) and while not the best equipped car around (given it was top of the range) the diesel engine did great MPG and was wonderful to drive. Reliability of the plastics and locks wasn't great but under warranty it was all free. So I'm thinking of the new C4 Grand Picasso with the semi-auto transmission. I've heard some negative tales about the gearbox so that might be the only downer. Has anyone got experience of this quite new car?

Motability have sent me a grant application form as the AP for auto 7 seaters is very high and I hope they approve the Picasso as I think most of the APs are similar in this group. I think the motability trim Picasso is the VTR and comes in at about £1300.

Are there any good seven seaters I've missed out? I've looked at Chevrolet, Kia and others but they all seem similarly priced and the Citroen seems the best in the group.

One other issue. My wife holds a provisional licence and I would like her to be my second driver. I'm already asking a lot with the grant for AP but it would be really useful for those days when I'm struggling. I have read that main drivers can get help with lessons but would my wife qualify for help too?

I am not an expert on 7 seaters but hopefully someone else will pick up the thread.

I would have thought a Renault Scenic Grand Auto might be worth a try.
As you are working there is the case that you just might be able to get a contribution towards the deposit through Access to Work. Initially they will fob you off and ask you to use Motability to help with upfront deposits.

You need to make a business case as to why you need a partcular model and any additional access requirements like reversing sensors, extra cost of getting an automatic.

They'll expect you to make a contribution like £100. If you choose a Motability car and sign an agreement first they will not offer any finance - get AtW to agree a finance deal first before signing on the dotted line.

That's my experience from some years ago. Each applicant will be looked at individually. This offer of paying advance payments is never publicised and it's discretionary,

Worth a try in my opinion. This has nothing to do with Motability or the car dealership.

We have a Citreon grand Picasso 7 seater diesel and its brilliant.It's really comfy and just the right height for hubby to get intowent to the mobility roadshow in Peterbough a few years ago mainly to look at carsare so pleased we did because I had my heart set on a Quashqi but the wheel base was to high for hubby to lift his legs to get into.I think we will get another grand Picasso when this lease runs out but my advise would be go around all the dealerships and try try try all that you fancy before you make a final descion

My Last Motability Car was a 7 Seat MPV and that was a Renault Grand Scenic. It was a Great car, had everything that was required and had lots of Tech.

Keyless Entry, Push Button Start, Automatic Lights, Automatic Wipers, Tinted Windows, Electric Heated and Folding Wing Mirrors, Electronic Hand Brake, TFT Screen Dashboard, TomTom Sat Nav, etc, etc.

The AP is £895 for Manual Gearbox and £1,895 for the Automatic.

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You have a few options but you really need to go for proper 7 seaters.

As mentioned above, the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso - the only people who knock the auto gearbox are those who can still use manuals, and so they have a choice. I test drove the Peugeot 3008 which has the same gearbox and to be fair as long as you are a smooth driver you won't notice anything wrong at all - it's only when you put your foot to the floor and drive like a boy-racer will you find a jerky action.

Then there is the Renault Grand Scenic, which I think is too expensive, it's also coming to the end of it's life and will be replaced in the next couple of years.

The Qashqai+2 doesn't exist anymore, and it won't be of use to you anyway as the rear seats are for occasional use only.

The Vauxhall Zafira Tourer may be a good bet, and the Toyota Verso should also be looked at.

The VW Touran may also be good for you, it's smaller in length than the full-size 7 seaters but has 7 good size seats.

Then you get to full-size 7 seaters like the Ford S-Max, Galaxy, Seat Alhambra

The best 7 seater available at the moment is the Kia Carens but it's far too expensive on the scheme, you could look at the far cheaper Fiat 500L MPW but stay clear of the Peugeot 5008.

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