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Adac test nissan qashqai diesel

Only $ 225 a radio wave receivers, you can steal a keyless car 24,

German car ADCD research team found that only need to spend a bit of money, manufacturing two receiving and transmitting radio waves, the electronic key and car door can be paired successfully opened the door, start the engine and drove away cars

German ADAC automobile research team spent $ 225 to produce two radio-wave receivers, you can complete the electronic key pair and 24, the car, opened the door, start the engine and drove away.

Even if you're in the office on the 10th floor, the car Toyota RV4 on the third floor of the underground parking lot, even if the electronic car key in your wireless sensor used is not from the body, the car can be pulled away aboveboard hackers from the parking lot. according to the German team ADAC recent study found that as long as the total expansion of the playback apparatus via two radio made $ 225, can be forwarded through the attack (Relay attack) way, smooth European common 24 brands of cars open the parking lot, regardless of Audi, BMW, Toyota (Toyota), Mazda (Mazda) and Ford (Ford) and other brands are suffering.

And this way the car drove away ADCD research team found more than 'Gone in 60 Seconds' movie, the thief must complete the task of driving lock in 1 minute, can the car go faster, because it is almost instant unlocking.

$ 225 device can be paired to open doors, start the engine, automakers need to bear responsibility for prevention

There are many cars are already using electronic key to open the car, the owner simply hands the electronic key to close the door, after the completion of pairing the car, the door can be opened directly, the owner of the car can be started after the car over. At present, many uses electronic key and cars paired car dealers, car dealers to use more of their own R & D PKES (Passive Keyless Entry and Start) system, with more than 20 global automobile industry have adopted this electronic key and car pairing system, at most, only a small custom parts to modify it.

According to a research report recently ADAC pointed out that as long as the attacker to manufacture two radio device comprising detecting waves, amplifying and receiving radio wave device, wherein a first place in the vicinity of the owners of the electronic key, electronic key receives sustained release radio waves, and this means you can receive the electronic key radio transmitting and receiving radio waves to another one near the car next to a device, an attacker would only need the means to receive radio waves near the car, you can immediately pairing is successful, open the door .

ADAC research team also said that a total of only two radios cost $ 225 to manufacture complete, previous similar car control device manufactured by the attacker, the owner can not be too far from the car, but this new device, even if the electronic key the distance between the car and more than a few hundred feet, can be successfully attacked.

The research team from the test can also be found, the attacker after opening the door, you can easily start and the engine often do not turn off automatically, unless the attacker's choice to turn off the car engine, or the car has no gas can continue to launch. but it has now been found, the attacker can not turn off the car under the premise of fuel, but also to such a method is more difficult to prevent car theft. during the test, ADAC study team found that an attacker can not directly through this radio is turned BMW i3 car door, but you can still start the engine.

Exactly how to prevent such an attack it? ADAC research team believes that car manufacturers should bear the greatest responsibility to, to avoid the success of such attacks. But for now, the most effective way is actually cut off the electronic car keys continue to send radio waves is received, the electronic key in the refrigerator or electromagnetic waves with in isolation device, or aluminum products wrapped up the electronic key, electronic key is to avoid the electromagnetic wave is received after the attacker to issue, through forwarding attacks the way, the car and the pairing is successful, successfully opened the door, start the engine, the way the car drove away.

A total of 24 victims of car models, quasi president Tsai presidential car survived

The victims of car brands have 24, a total of 19 car manufacturers, including victims cars: Audi (Audi) of A3, A4 and A6 series, but fortunately the new president chosen president Tsai car Audi A8 is not injured the list of cars; BMW is the 730d series, and i3 cars are unable to open the door but you can start the engine.

Other victims of car models also include: France Citroen DS4 CrossBack vehicles; Ford (Ford) and the Galaxy Eco-Sport SUV; Honda (Honda) the HR-V cars; Hyundai Motor (Hyundai) in Santa Fe CRDi diesel; Kia Motors (KIA) of Optima cars; Lexus's RX 450h RV; Mazda (Mazda) of the CX-5 vehicles; MINI car's Clubman series; Mitsubishi Motors (Mitsubishi) of the Outlander sport utility vehicle; Nissan (Nissan) Leaf's Qashqai and two cars; German Opel (Opel) electric vehicles Ampera; Range Rover's Evoque vehicles; Renault (Renault) tank cars Freight Traffic; Ssangyong's Tivoli XDi car models; Subaru (Subaru) Levorg's cars; Toyota (Toyota) the RAV4; and Fox (Volkswagen) and the Golf GTD Touran 5T two cars.