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2009 nissan qashqai 2.0 dci review

Spending more time with the Qashqai+2 has highlighted a few niggles.

The car has a keyless ignition but instead of having a start button like most vehicles, this has a faux ignition switch that is twisted in much the same way you would if you inserted a key into a standard ignition.

You have to put your foot on the brake while twisting the switch and then the engine will start.

When it’s turned off, you have to twist the switch back and then click in a little button to lock the ignition – it’s all just a little too complicated.

The Qashqai+2’s alarm also keeps going off unexpectedly and a trip to our local dealer – Smiths Nissan – may be necessary.

These few issues aside, the Qashqai+2 has an overwhelming list of plus-points.

The interior trim on our Tekna is top-notch, it’s really comfortable and there’s bags of space in the boot when the extra two seats aren’t in use, perfect for my drum kits and guitar amplifiers.

The extended wheelbase also balances out the exterior styling and it feels more balanced on the road than the five-seat model.
The selectable 4x4 option has also come in handy over the past month as the roads have been pretty slippery on the way to work.